The Art Inside project was inspired by The California Arts Council JUMP StArts Program. The JUMP stArts program supports quality arts education and artists-in-residence programs/projects for the target population of at-risk children/youth within the juvenile justice system in classroom, after-school or incarceration settings in diverse communities and geographical settings. 

Through a special allocation arranged through Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, the California  Arts Council (CAC) received one-time funding totaling $2 million that will be committed by June 30, 2014 for support of grant activities completed by June 30, 2015. 

Each Art Inside project will teach the youth a new art discipline. Artists will gain a sense of pride and accomplishment and be able to share their works with different non-profits and organizations to learn about their mission and build a better connection with the community. 

The Art Inside program is for incarcerated youth currently being held at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall facility in San Jose, CA.


  • Pride & Accomplishment
  • Goals & Responsibility
  • Emotion & Reaction
  • Social Justice
  • Community Service